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HREA - A new Portal for Human Rights Schools

HREA is very pleased to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) with the launch of a new web portal to promote understanding and application of a human rights-based approach to schooling.

The CRC calls for all children to be treated with dignity and respect. In the context of schooling this means:
• access to a quality education;
• children’s active participation in the life of the school;
• protection from all forms of abuse that may occur in the school setting;
• the provision of human rights education.

A human rights-based approach (HRBA) to schooling is concerned with the organisation of learning so that it is reflective of human rights principles and promotes understanding and cherishing of the human rights framework. The HRBA process involves complex interactions between the right to education in general, the implementation of human rights practices within the structure of the school itself, and the teaching of human rights through schooling.

HREA has compiled a wealth of resources on the human rights-based approach to schooling, which can be found in this new Portal. Its aims are:
• to provide viewpoints on the theoretical underpinnings of the HRBA;
• to present a range of HRBA practices that are emerging in schools worldwide;
• to encourage "best practices" in the documentation and evaluation of the HRBA by sharing resources dedicated to examining the most pressing issues in evaluating human rights education.

It is our sincere hope that this portal will assist educational managers, teachers, students, parents and members of civil society in recognizing and promoting school practices that promote and protect the human dignity of all members of the school community.

The Portal for Human Rights Schools:

UNICEF website for CRC: