How Water Utilities Can Spearhead Natural Capital Accounting

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In the second half of the nineteenth century, Seattleā€™s water was provided by wells, springs, and private water companies. Lake Washington served as both a source of water and a sink for waste. After epidemics of cholera and typhoid, Seattle became known as one of the unhealthiest cities in the U.S. Finally, the Great Seattle Fire of June 6, 1889 destroyed the entire 64-acre business district due to the lack of water available from the patchwork of private water suppliers. (...)
This case study illustrates three important points: a) Natural capital tends to provide benefits over a very long period of time (centuries or longer), whereas man-made capital provides benefits in the near term (years to decades); b) Natural capital appreciates in value over a long period of time due, in part, to increased scarcity, whereas built capital depreciates relatively rapidly; c) Investments in natural capital with the goal of sustainability can be far better investments over the long term than investments with shorter, but less sustainable benefit flows. (...)

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